WTA27 – It’s In the Way That You Use It

WTA27 – It’s In the Way That You Use It

Date: May 3rd, 2012 11:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m. Pacific


Anna Liskovets, Ben Simo, Bharani, Charley Baker, Darren McCarthey, Dawn Code, Chris McMahon, Dinesh Babu, Eugenia Yakhnin, Jasminka Puskar, Jaswinder Nagi, Jim Holmes, Lanette Creamer, Lisa Crispin, Mohinder Khosla, Zoltan Molnar, Muttijo, Neeraj Guleria, Rahul Vig, Ranjit Shringapure, Rasmus Koorits, Shmuel Gershon, Sirisha Parsi, Sowjanya Bitra, Teri Charles, Thomas Htwe,


This week, we were given the opportunity to look at and tackle a larger application than we were used to. Specifically, we took on Wikipedia, thanks to hris McMahon and the ability to get a pre-release look at several new eatures.

Normally, we take on just some one aspect of a product or make a simple harter that focuses on a targeted area. Today, though, Chris was able to give us a much more expansive range of options to test. He helped put together a test plan and coverage matrix
based on browser compatibility and new features. From there, out larger than normal attendee group were let loose and given an opportunity to check out the new features.

We had an additional surprise in that attendees at Telerik’s Testing Summit in Austin, Texas (where Chris and several of our attendees were) helped make for a super-team in that there were several attendees in the same place and able to confer with each other directly.

With an international audience, it was no surprise that there was a focus on international language tests and presentation aspects that were given close scrutiny (and issues were found around those areas as well as others).

Lisa Crispin put together a full mind map of her group’s involvement and testing and posted it to her blog.

The rest of the chat transcript can be seen here.


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