WT 124: Little Alchemy2: Experimentation and Note taking tests

WT 124: Little Alchemy2: Experimentation and Note taking tests

Date: 11.01.2020
Time: 4 PM to 6 PM IST
Facilitator: Ajay Balamurugadas
Participants: Anita Gujrathi, Anupam Patil, Archita Agrawal, Ashish Gupta, Deepan Kumar, Nirali Savariya, Pratik Vaghela, Rakhi Choukimath, Ranjit Sivadasan, Rishi Rish, Sukumar T, Vidhi Biyani

Visit the website: https://littlealchemy2.com/
And explore for ten mins. Later, make a note of the different states a user can get into that website.

Overall it was a fun playing this game, initially I was trying to understand how we need to create a state and explored other options in the settings, encyclopedia, and then I got a clue that when we merge same objects we will get different state so proceed like that and then explored hint section to get some ideas and later there were no clue to find a new state and then Google what can be formed in some objects

It is very good experience and enjoyed entirely while combining the elements. Curiously waiting to see what name will come to that combinations and thinking to combine more and more elements to know the final elements. Enjoyed a lot while doing. Is there any functionality in this application which throw a report what the user had performed and the combinations of the elements.

Spent majority of time in analyzing the app that could not make a list of tests which was one of the objectives.

Start documenting from the very beginning

Entire chat transcript: PDF
Reports from Anita, Sukumar, Deepan and Ajay

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