WTA-65: Mobile Test Design for non-functional tests

WTA-65: Mobile Test Design for non-functional tests

WTA-65 Mobile Test Design for non-functional tests

Session Details:
Date: Saturday, 9/5/2015
Time: 1pm EDT-3pmEDT
Facilitator: Jean Ann Harrison


Preparation to participate:
1. For each device you’ll be testing, make sure the battery charge is less than 15%
2. Have your charger handy during the session.
3. . Download The Weather Channel app (available for Android & iOS).

Abstract: When testing mobile apps, it’s important to consider testing beyond the functional and design tests with a different perspective. Let’s work together to plan out nonfunctional test ideas for a mobile web app.

Working on non-functional test design for a mobile app.

Since this app is a mobile web app, the processing is done on the web server. As such, we will brain storm ideas of testing the app without testing the functionality.

Things to think about:
1. What is important for the app to live up to customer expectations?
2. Do objects appear or are displayed as expected?
3. Can you perform tasks in a reasonable or expected timely manner?
4. What about random & intermittent Low wireless connections?
5. What happens with notifications and other interrupts?
6. Can you find all the tasks you want to do in using the app?
7. Is the app easy to figure out how to use?
8. What tests can you combine?
9. Do objects appear in an appropriate sequence for use or is it out of sequence?
10. Observe as your battery gets lower and when plugging in the charger, what happens?
11. What is missing comparing what is on the desktop website version?
12. Did the installation go as expected?
1. Start The Weather Channel app, set your location to your local weather.
2. Review the news videos posted.
3. Look up the local temperatures for the next several hours.
4. Review the radar for the are and comment on your observations.
5. Change the location to a different location. Set it for USA location Orlando, FL.
6. Look up the temperatures for the next several hours.
6. Review the radar for the area and comment on your observations.
7. Uninstall app.

Online Logistics

To participate in this WTA session, send us an email (WTAmericas AT gmail DOT com) and/or send a contact request to Skype ID “WeekendTestersAmericas”). Once you indicate you wish to participate, we will add your Skype ID to the session setup.

The day of the session, please contact us 20 minutes prior to the start of the session, so that we can add you to the group (if you email or Skype us in advance, we will add you based on that RSVP).

About the Author

I’m a software tester working with Socialtext in Palo Alto, CA. I have worked in a number of different fields and in a number of different capacities. I started my testing career in March of 1991. I am co-founder and primary facilitator for Weekend Testing Americas. I am a black-belt in the Miagi-do School of Software Testing, a member and Teacher in the Association for Software Testing, and the producer of Software Test Professionals' "This Week in Software Testing" podcast (now on hiatus).