WTA-60: What Risks Can Be Found In Your FLAWK?

WTA-60: What Risks Can Be Found In Your FLAWK?

Weekend Testing Americas #60 – What Risks Can Be Found In Your FLAWK?
Date: Saturday, March 21, 2015
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time
Facilitator: Michael Larsen


Aneesh Nagra, Carl Shaulis, Carol Brands, Dan Panachyda, Karen O’Keefe, Matt Coalson, Rasmus Koortis, Sean Channel, Teri Charles, Trisha Agarwal, Michael Larsen (as WTA)

This session focused on testing areas Considered to be of greatest risk to the product owner, or what they consider to be the greatest risk.

Matt Coalson, the developer of Flawk, joined us for this session and demonstrated his app Flawk. His goal was to have us engage with him and get to the heart of what matters with his product.

A quick intro about Flawk…

Flawk is a “real-time conversation platform”. It’s for engaging with your Twitter/Facebook/Google+ followers in a town-hall style q&a session. Fans ask questions, the room votes on the ones they like the most, and the host brings fans on stage individually for 1-on-1 conversations in front of a live audience. In addition to engaging with their fans the host can also share media (youtube, soundcloud, etc…) with that same audience together at the same time.


Matt had three specific areas he wanted to tackle, and in the process of testing, we uncovered all three areas and found issues related to them, as well as a few other spots that were deemed significant.


The full chat transcript and discussion can be seen here.

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I’m a software tester working with Socialtext in Palo Alto, CA. I have worked in a number of different fields and in a number of different capacities. I started my testing career in March of 1991. I am co-founder and primary facilitator for Weekend Testing Americas. I am a black-belt in the Miagi-do School of Software Testing, a member and Teacher in the Association for Software Testing, and the producer of Software Test Professionals' "This Week in Software Testing" podcast (now on hiatus).