WTA–58: Putting Things in “Pocket”

WTA–58: Putting Things in “Pocket”

WTA–58: Putting Things in “Pocket”
Date: Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015
Time: 1pm EST/10AM PST
Facilitator: Michael Larsen

Attendees: Albert Gareev, Amy Kroh, Ben Simo, Carol Brands, Daniel Billing, Michael Larsen, Dwarika Dhish Mishra, Justin Rohrman, Ravendra ThallapuReddy, Rupali Sharma, Trisha Agarwal

Go to https://getpocket.com/ to download the desktop app, go to Google Play or Apple’s App Store to download the mobile version(s)

Session Details:
The ability to share data across multiple devices is becoming more and more important. The ability to capture data that is relevant and access it on whichever device we have with us at any given time can spell the difference between success and failure of an initiative. Our goal this session is to see how well what we find travels with us.

The mission is to select pages and sites that we want to “read later” and confirm that we can get to the data in the way we want and need it. What parameters matter in a browser? on a tablet? On a phone?


Session Outcomes:

Pocket is a “stash” program, for reading things later. It works on Mobile devices like iPhone and Android, and also works on Web Browsers. We focuesed on the interactions and potential stumbling blocks we might find as we “save that to read later”.

What does that look like for a user?

Does my approach match yours?

Should it?

What interactions would I/could I have with that content?

With this, we addressed questions about “end to end testing”. It can be challenging to create good end to end tests, because workflows are often personal and unique to each user.

Overall, by trying out a variety of different approaches, as well as hopping from mobile to web and back again, we discovered a lot of what we could consider bugs, more than a few gripes, and some interesting features. It’s a promising application, but one thing is for sure, the more we flexed interacting as different people with different goals, the more issues we were able to surface.

Full transcript is here.

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