WTA – 57: Combination Test Design on Mobile Hybrid Apps

Date: Jan. 10th, 2015

Time: 1pm EDT/10AM PDT
Facilitator: Jean Ann Harrison
Title: WTA – 57: Combination Test Design on Mobile Hybrid Apps

Pre-Session Setup: Download the Twitter App (do not use the browser version)

Session Details:
With project timelines getting shorter and shorter while testers are expected to write test cases for high quality test coverage, the need for combining tests is becoming greater and greater. Do you know how to design test cases where you create one test case to combine UX, stressing the app, and data validation all in one test case? Remember you do not want to include loads of text in the test case and still cover the requirements..

Agenda: Breaking up the attendees into groups to design tests.
1. I will supply some requirements.
2. I will set a timer for the groups to come up with a combination test case which covers at least 3 tests.
3. When time is up, a representative will explain the test case they came up with and what tests are being covered.
4. Rinse and repeat

The key will be practice. The more you practice, the easier it becomes, the higher quality the test coverage.

This session will help you improve on building heuristics and thinking more about various test types like functional, data validation, stressing the app, user experience, boundary, limitations, timing and more.

Join us on the 10th and experience combination test design and collaborating with others.

To join, contact weekendtestersamericas on Skype 15 min prior to the start of the session.  Request to be added to the group:    WTA – 57:  Combination Test Design on Mobile Hybrid Apps.

Questions prior to the session, contact Jean Ann Harrison on Twitter: @JA_Harrison


About the Author

Software tester and quality assurance engineer for more than 13yrs formally and informally for almost 29yrs. Much experience in the client/server and web application testing but focus has been on mobile testing for 7yrs and in a regulated environment. Currently learning and sharing my knowledge by speaking at conferences, participating in testing forums as well as Weekend Testing Americas sessions. Personal interests beyond software testing include travelling to North American baseball stadiums, competing as an adult figure skater in local and national competitions, an avid sports fan of most sports. Am also active as an online marketer with my company Perfect Pitch Marketing.