WTA24 – “Black Box Machine”

WTA24 – “Black Box Machine”

Date: February 4th, 2012 01:00 p.m. – 03:00 p.m. EST


Amy Kroh, Anuradha, Albert Gareev, Bob Donahue, Jasminka Puskar, Jason Strobush, Michael Larsen, Pradeep Soundararajan, Russ Poole, Scott Seltzer, Timothy Western, Shmuel Gershon, Eugenia Yakhnin, Ajay Balamurugadas


Quite often, facilitators at Weekend Testing put a major effort on outlining the context and tightly framing the mission in order to set a clear challenge fitting the timebox. This time we changed the rules of the game: we provided context and set the timebox, but let participants frame exploration on their own.

This happened to be one of the most awesome sessions!

Enjoy the session chat and individual reports:

Amy’s Notes

Anuradha’s Notes

Bob’s Notes

Jasminka’s Notes

Jason’s Notes

Pradeep’s Notes

Russ & Michael’s Notes

Scott’s Notes

Shmuel & Eugenia’s Notes

Timothy’s Notes

The full chat session can be viewed here

Special thanks to James Lyndsay, who designed and made available for testing challenges the “Black Box Test Machines”, one of which we used.

About the Author

Albert Gareev is a dedicated testing and test automation professional, technical lead and a hands-on consultant. He combines passion for testing as investigation and learning with an automation approach helping to reach observation levels beyond "naked eye and hand" in complex, large-scale systems. Albert has a blog at http://automation-beyond.com/ and occasionally tweets at @AGareev